Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection

 What Is Mind Muscle Connection


The human brain controls every movement of your muscles. Your brain releases a chemical neurotransmitter called “Acetylcholine” that binds with receptors on your muscle fibers. 

Acetylcholine has functions both in the peripheral nervous system and in the central nervous system as a neuromodulator. In the peripheral nervous system, acetylcholine activates muscles, and is a major neurotransmitter in the autonomic nervous system.


Why is Mind Muscle Connection So Important


Your brain is connected to your spinal cord which then branches out into your  peripheral nervous system through all of the nerves in your body. These nerves are then attached to your very muscles which respond to the signals they receive directly from your brain.


Every form of training is about teaching your mind to operate your muscles. While we may think of exercise as a form of physical training, it’s actually a very mental discipline. It’s the mental practice to getting the mind to use your muscles in a progressive and more productive way. Training therefore is about training the mind to use the body.


One way to improve your mind muscle connection is to learn how to flex and squeeze each of your muscles when you are not lifting weights. This will give you the ability to engage your muscles at any time as needed.


Benefit Of Mind Muscle Connection


By mastering ‘Mind Muscle Connection’ it can help you contract a greater number of fibres. These muscular characteristics can occur only if the amplitude of neural stimulation is increased. Also it Provide a greater neural stimulation to a specific muscle in order to maximise its contractile force.