One Rep Max - Strength Training

One Rep Max - Strength Training

What is One Rep Max

One rep max is the amount of weight you can lift for one rep on any given lift. 


How to test your One Rep Max


As you’re doing any sort of exercise , you got to warm up before you do any sorts of exercise. A good preparation for a one rep max includes two specific and distinct types of warm-up. you need to prepare your body with a general warm-up, which is basic activity to improve blood flow and increase your heart rate. You can include some dynamic mobility exercises after a few minutes of cardio training.


Once you’re done with your warm up, it is time for you to prepare your body for specific weight you’re going to lift.


The best way to warm up for a one rep max lift is to do the same exercise with lighter weights. By practicing the exercise, you’re warm up your neuromuscular system along with your muscles and joints.


Here's a example of how you'll load your warm-ups:

30% for 8 reps

40% for 6 reps

50% for 4 reps

60% for 2 reps

70% for 1 rep

80% for 1 rep

Once you've done your 80 percent for a single, you're ready to begin your attempts. Here's how you'll load them:

Attempt 1: 90-94% of current 1RM

Attempt 2: 96-100% of current 1RM

Attempt 3: 100-104% of current 1RM

you should rest 5 minutes or more before you attempt for your next sets.


Why doing One Rep Max

One rep max is important to know not only because is it the measurement of your strength,once you know your one rep max, you can then set accurate percentages for different goals, such as hypertrophy-specific work, strength-specific work, and power specific work.