Should You Cut or Lean Bulk First?

Should You Cut or Lean Bulk First?

If you’re currently unhappy with your body fat percentage and want to get lean before worry about gaining significant amounts of muscle definition, you want to cut first.


If you’re thin and want to focus most on gaining muscle size and strength, you want to lean bulk first.


If you’re very overweight, you also want to cut first. This is the healthiest and smartest choice, even if your long term goal involves gaining a fair amount of muscle mass.


If you’re 15% percent body fat or higher, I’d recommend you by start cutting down your body fat to 10 percent for several reason: 


1.    You’ll be a lot happier with the way how your physique looks. You don’t have to be extremely ripped all year around, once you stick to a meal plan and a good workout plan. You’ll be able to maintain your body fat to a decent level, and you should never let your body fat percentage go too high, as some people could lose their motivation.

2.    You’ll find it lot easier cutting. Generally speaking, the longer you remain in a calorie deficit, the more likely you are struggling with muscle loss, hunger, craving and other unwanted side effects such as low glucose and other hormone problem from dieting. When you allow yourself to gain too much fat, you set yourself up for longer and more difficult time to lose fat. If you keep your body fat to a reasonable level, your cutting phase will be shorter and more manageable.

3.    You’ll gain more muscle and less fat when you lean bulk. When your body fat levels increased, insulin sensitivity drops, which hinders muscle protein synthesis and promotes fat gains.