How To Build Muscle For An Hard Gainer

How To Build Muscle For An Hard Gainer

Well here’s a few tips for anyone who wish to put on some serious mass or lean mass.


1.     Train Your Weak Point

To have a great physique or figure is all about creating an head to toes balance proportions look. Always starts your workout by targeting the muscle group which is the weakest, by turn them into your stronger muscles and you’ll have that fuller look of the muscle.


2. Train With Intensity and Variation   

Having the same workout plan for longer than 6 weeks won’t help your body develop much further than how it should be. It’s important to add changes to your routine, your body can prepare itself for the same workout that you have in planned and you won’t get much results out of it. Even by adding small changes to some movement in your workout will make a big different in your muscle contraction. When you’re training, it is important to feel your muscles contracting and feel the squeeze of each rep. 


3. Nutrient Timing 

Nutrient timing is the application of knowing when to eat and what to eat before, during and after exercise. It is designed to help athletes, recreational competitors, and exercise enthusiasts achieve their most advantageous exercise performance and recovery. There are three distinct phases in the nutrient timing system that are based on muscle, its nutritional requirements, and its recovery demands for best strength and endurance results.


4. Supplementation

If you’re a skinny person or hard gainer you could possibly try out weight gainer supplements. But not every weight gainer supplements are suitable for everyone, personally I would make my own weight gainer shakes at home; because I know what I put into my systems. For example, in a normal weight gainer shakes will contain high carbs and proteins, if I made my own personal weight gainer shake. I have control of my protein and carbs intake, and usually I add my own ingredients such as creatine and vitamins and variation of amino acids. 


5. Sleep 

By sleeping your brain produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Having poor sleep can negatively impact HGH levels. By having a good amount of sleep,it will help you recovers from muscle delay pains and recover faster.